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 2016 Ford F150 | Baierl Budget Cars | Wexford, PA

 Ford took a huge risk with 2015’s F-150, and one would think by its success alone, it ought to be reward enough. However, the Ford F-150 pick-up for 2016 is not resting on its laurels. Its turbocharged EcoBoost V-6 engines and aluminum body are unique within the full-sized segment, and leave the Chevy Silverado, Toyota Sequoia and Ram 1500 playing catch up. Weight savings that are afforded by its aluminum body result in improved fuel economy and greater payload, and assist the F-150 in achieving best-in-class towing. Plus, as the EcoBoost V-6 has shown it’s able to challenge the best V-8s, both the Nissan Titan and Ram now offer a diesel option for 1500 trucks, something Chevy and Ford yet have to offer.

You Will Like This Truck If...

Ford’s F-150 for 2016 pick-up provides impressive payload, towing, and fuel-economy numbers, in addition to an impactful set of engine options. Constructed for the rough jobs truck owners demand, this model also will have a softer side, as proven by its luxurious Platinum and King Ranch trims.

You Might Not Like This Truck If...

If you are tight on cash and space, the Ford F-150 for 2016 might be more truck than needed. An F-150 that is fully loaded easily can pass the $60,000 mark. If you aren’t transporting huge payloads, a more affordable mid-sized Chevy Colorado, Nissan Frontier or Toyota Tacoma may be a better option.

What is New for 2016?

Ford’s F-150 full-sized pick-up for 2016 gets the Sync 3 infotainment center, a propane/natural gas fuel prep package for its V-8 engine, new 20” wheels and Special Edition Appearance package for its XLT. Also new includes the Pro Trailer Backup Assist, making guiding a trailer as easy as turning a knob.

Impressions on Driving

We believed for certain that a small displacement V-6 had no place in a full-sized pick-up, yet we were wrong. The stronger, lighter Ford F-150 is perfectly matched to its 2.7L twin turbo EcoBoost V-6 that showed surprisingly willing. Unless you have plans to tow over 12,000 lbs., we would say the bigger 3.5L EcoBoost isn’t necessary. The F-150 will handle well considering the size, and whether we were off-road adventuring, towing, or cruising lengthy stretches of smooth freeway, Ford’s full-sized pick-up felt right at home. As we were impressed with its handling, ride, and acceleration, we did find that its brakes were a little touchy. Inside its cabin, it coddles its passengers with a quiet cabin and wide seats. Its new Pro Trailer Backup Assist will require the motorist just to turn a knob right or left to guide a trailer, as it’ll do all of the steering work.

Pro-Trailer Backup Assist

Utilizing a knob on its dash as you watch through the rearview camera, a driver need only to input right or left commands and it’ll do all of the braking and steering. Guiding a camper into a tight space or boat trailer down a ramp never has been so simple.

360 Degree Camera

Even though initially provided on some luxury sedans, the Ford F-150 for 2016’s 360-degree camera is perfectly appropriate for the requirements of a full-sized pick-up truck owner. Its camera isn’t only helpful while parking, it’ll give a down low view of the street, ideal while navigating boulder-strewn passes or rutted trails.


In the 2016 Ford F-150, tough will meet modern, in which buyers are able to gain cool features such as 2 three-prong power outlets, a Wi-Fi hotspot, active park assist, smart cruise control, and capability to have its Sync 3 infotainment center read text messages while driving. The crew cab SuperCrew is very spacious, with rear-seat legroom which would make some sedans of full size envious. The truck’s floor is flat, which makes its middle rear seat very comfortable, while additionally permitting more space for storage. Additionally making its cab comfy are seats which were carefully sculpted to decrease fatigue.


Ford’s full-sized pick-up has the only body that is designed of aluminum; however, that material does not decrease the truck's strength or capability. As it’ll come to the F-150's exterior, its style is bold and rugged, yet most of its look was inspired by function. 

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