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2016 Fiat 500 | Baierl Budget Cars | Wexford, PA 

 The Fiat 500 coupe for 2016 and its drop top doppelganger, the Fiat 500c, have shocked lots of skeptics. They prove that not just will a frugal compact car be colorful and fun, it also can win over the minds and hearts of Americans used to larger transportation modes. Even though not as big as a Ford Fiesta or a Mini Cooper Hardtop, the 500 will make up for its lack of room in the rear seat with its long list of features, playful attitude, as well as wide model range which includes the performance-associated Abarth, as well as all-electric 500e. Better yet, the 500’s in-depth design both outside and in does not equate to an exorbitant cost, which makes us question why more auto companies do not follow suit.

You Will Like This Vehicle If...

If you do not require a lot of interior space, Fiat’s sub-compact 500 coupe for 2016 and cabrio will deserve a closer look. The Fiat 500’s artistic flair will make it a more colorful alternative to the Honda Fit, Smart Fortwo, and Nissan Versa Note. Performance buffs are going to adore the Abarth trim.

You Might Not Like This Vehicle If...

Within the all-important world of reliability and resale, the Fiat 500 for 2016 has yet to exceed more established vehicles such as the Mini Cooper and Honda Fit. The ones that have bigger frames might discover the 500’s interior a little too small for comfort.

What is New for 2016?

The 500, for 2016, will gain a new Easy trim, and offer more upgrades and features than the base Pop while it retains a low entry price. Now, the model will offer the UConnect 5.0 system with 5” touch screen, integrated voice commands, and Bluetooth. Oregon joined California in providing the 500e electric Fiat.

Driving Impressions

Fiat 500’s sub-compact is fairly light on its feet, which is the reason why it might get away with having just 101-hp underneath its diminutive bonnet. Passing power and acceleration are admittedly underwhelming, yet within urban traffic it darts around nicely. The Fiat 500’s go-kart-like handling permits it to zip through congested traffic, and its 140” length allows parking within the most unexpected areas. Its steering is precise along with a nicely-weighted wheel that helps things along. Even though a five-speed manual is available, most 500s leave the showroom with Fiat’s six-speed automatic. Choose the 160-hp Abarth and you will receive much better performance, more respect from the bad boys, and improved handling. Do you want to save the earth rather than conquer it? Electric 500e is able to travel up to eighty-seven miles as it emits zero emissions.

Intelligent Power Convertible Top

The 2016 Fiat 500c, unlike a conventional convertible which retracts into a well, will employ a canvas roll-top design which opens the cabin to the outdoor world as it leaves a protective metal frame within place. One extra benefit is its top which may be opened at speeds up to sixty miles per hour.


The Fiat 500, as if there were not enough high tech geekery within the world today, permits its drivers to upload information about all things from trip details to CO2 emissions. The information may be stored upon a flash drive in which motorists may analyze it in hoping to improve driving efficiency.


For 2016, the brand’s sub-compact 500 is more spacious up front than you may expect, and just as snug in the back as it appears. Its interior style will live up to its promise of the quirky yet fashionable exterior, and it was discovered that the materials, build quality, as well as seat comfort impressive for an automobile that had a starting price of about $18,000. The Fiat 500 Abarth, as the athlete of the group, provides aggressively bolstered front seating, exclusive red stitching, as well as a flat-bottom, thick-rimmed steering wheel.


The 2016 sub-compact Fiat 500 is a modernized interpretation of ‘57's rear-engined, tiny original. Even though bigger than the original, it still is 7” shorter than the Mini Cooper of today. Its iconic sloping rear end will embody the model’s personality, although it restricts headroom in the rear. The Fiat 500 comes in a stretched four-door model which relieves most of the coupe’s shortcomings.

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