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Chevy’s Corvette convertible and coupe for 2016 is an automobile virtually anyone could enjoy, be they diehards of “buy-American” or the most meticulous enthusiast. The Corvette, easily the competition of vehicles such as the Ferrari 458 Italia and the Porsche 911, leaves both within the dust with an extremely low price. Plus, as the upcoming 700+hp Dodge Viper ought to prove challenging, the Viper will lack the Vette’s sophisticated interior and suspension which assist in making it a livable day-to-day driver. From the sinister styling to the outrageous V-8 engine, the Chevrolet Corvette for 2016 is almost untouchable. If you are willing to pay more, the Z06 provides 650-hp and an even more aggressive suspension, which makes it the best-handling, most powerful model within Corvette history.

You Will Like This Vehicle If...

If you revel within the ideal of getting the most impressive performance machines on earth and paying a paltry amount for the privilege, the Chevy Corvette convertible or coupe for 2016 is the vehicle for you. Given the stats, even the more expensive Z06 will remain a relative bargain.

You Might Not Like This Vehicle If...

About the only reason to think not to love the Corvette might be its overly aggressive styling. To be truthful, beyond its two-person limit, the Vette does not have any actual faults. At almost 30 miles per gallon freeway, even the gas guzzler argument will fall by the wayside.

What is New for 2016?

Changes for the Chevrolet Corvette for 2016 are mainly aesthetic. A flat bottom steering wheel was added, as was a power cinch feature for its convertible trunk and coupe hatch. Newer options will include a curb-view, front parking camera, Apple’s CarPlay capability through the MyLink application and Magnetic Ride Control the Stingray’s.

Driving Impressions

After one day behind the wheel of Chevy’s Corvette Stingray for 2016, you may leave thinking this thing must be priced at $100K or more. However, it is a Chevrolet, so you would be wrong. What else will the miracle coupe generate? How about a 0 – 60 miles per hour run in under 4 seconds, and freeway fuel economy which approaches 30 miles per gallon. In the aspects which matter most, those being cornering, steering, acceleration, and braking, the Chevy Corvette for 2016 easily equals the best-in-class. However, Chevrolet will take it a step further with a driver selectable plan which permits up to 5 various programs for steering, adjusting suspension, throttle response, as well as even the exhaust note. Also, all of this goodness applies to the Vette convertible, yet with a drop top time of a mere sixteen seconds. In Z06 form, the Vette merely rates as amongst the top performance machines on earth.

Eight-Speed Automatic

Irrespective of what Corvette you choose, you will have the choice of a rich eight-speed automatic transmission at the ready. Due to it still using a torque converter, the Vette’s eight-speed automatic actually can shift quicker than most dual clutch auto manuals.


The epitome of the Vette line-up, the Z06 for 2016 uses a supercharged V-8 engine which holds the title of GM’s most powerful factory engine that has ever been produced. With a beginning price of about $80,000, the Z06 generates more performance per dollar than all European exotics.


 It once was that the Vette's interior was something motorists tolerated in order for them to enjoy the vehicle's performance. Now, it is the main selling point. The blend of carbon fiber, leather, and aluminum is as easy on the eyes as it is on the body, and as combined with the suede upgrades and 8” color screen on its center dash, the interior of the Stingray is, indeed, a special place. Details will include 2 power USB ports within its center console and outstanding cargo space underneath the coupe's hatch in the rear; even the convertible has a usable and big trunk.


The Chevrolet Corvette Stingray for 2016 provides a road presence which was absent in its predecessors for quite some time. Still uniquely all-American, the convertible and coupe additionally embody international cues, like the decidedly Ferrari-esque front-grille treatment. Even its iconic round taillights got a modernized update. 

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