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2016 Cadillac ELR | Baierl Budget Cars | Wexford, PA

The Cadillac ELR extended range, plug-in coupe, after its less-than-enthusiastic reception, comes back for the year 2016 with a host of improvements, as well as a $10,000 price reduction. As its sophisticated gasoline electric powertrain is based upon the less expensive Chevy Volt, this model was changed for better performance, as well as a small boost in electric driving range up to thirty-nine miles. Because of its onboard gas engine which acts as a generator as battery power becomes depleted, the overall range is 330 miles. The upside of this set-up is that you do not need to look for an electric outlet as you run out of juice. That is the ELR's key benefit over the roomier Tesla Model S; however, some consumers still may balk at this four-occupant Cadillac's almost $66,000 beginning price.

You Will Like This Vehicle If...

If you want a hybrid plug-in which may be powered by both gasoline and electricity – and have it within the form of a compact luxury coupe – the ELR of 2016 might be just the vehicle which will fill that niche.

You Might Not Like This Vehicle If...

In the ELR, practicality will come at the price of high style, whose space in the rear seat and trunk are more restricted than its Chevrolet Volt cousin. Meanwhile, the pure electric Tesla Model S provides better performance, more space, AWD, and amazing driving manners for around the same price.

What is New for 2016?

The ELR, after debuting as a 2014 version late within the production year, skipped a model year, as well as comes back for 2016 with several improvements and $10,000 price reduction. The ELR for 2016 has around 25% more power, Apple CarPlay compatibility, enhanced handling, and optional performance package.


Our initial blush with the Caddy ELR plug-in coupe left consumers impressed with the wizardry behind the electric/gas powertrain, yet wanting more power as it came to power. The luxury carmaker promised to rectify this shortcoming with their most recent ELR edition, and increased horsepower from 217 - 233 and peaked its torque from 295 lb-ft over to 373. The car’s 0 to 60 miles per hour time was shaved 1.5 seconds to a respectable 6.4 seconds. With that additional power comes a small boost in electric drive range, from 37 miles over to 39. However, total range will fall from 340 over to 330 miles. Besides more power, the revamped ELR had its steering and chassis retuned for improved handling. Additionally new is the performance package. It does not boost power, yet it will equip the ELR coupe with 20” summer-only tires, Brembo four-piston brakes, as well as tweaks to the electric power steering system and continuous damping.


Activated through paddles mounted on the steering wheel, Regen-on-Demand permits a motorist to supplement the brakes by converting momentum to stored energy.

Safety-Alert Driver’s Seat

The ELR, included as a standard option, haptic enabled seating will alert a motorist to the direction of potential dangers by vibrating various seat sections.


The ELR’s cabin for 2106 is a lot like its skin – smaller, sophisticated, and sleeker than you might expect. Its paneling and rounded dash look similar to a wave that flows down, and many controls on its center mounted command module come flush mounted. Within its center sits its HR command screen for app, audio and navigation functions. The touch screen will differ from other ones with its haptic feedback that vibrates slightly against your finger in order to confirm it received the message. In theory, it is neat, yet hit-or-miss in execution. The model’s 20-way front seats are highly adjustable and comfortable. However, its two seats in the rear are difficult to access and tiny.


Caddy’s 2016 ELR might just be the most stylish wedge you have ever seen. From its side, it looks as if it has a forward stance making it prepared to pounce. Above, sharply rising beltlines accentuate a similarly-sloped window treatment, whereas its rear C-pillars that connect the roof to its tail are gently sloped and thick. The gently sloped aspect adds to the appeal of the exterior, yet will create big blind spots while seen from the driver's seat. 

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