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You will love how much fun it is to drive your new 2017 Honda Fit. Yes, it is a subcompact small car. Yes, it gets remarkable fuel economy. And Yes, it is fun to drive.

Look to Honda engineering to keep new models up to speed to meet or exceed customer expectations. Three models of the 2017 Honda Fit offer plenty of options. The LX, EX and XL may not sound fancy as model names, but their specific amenities will please even the fussiest customer. Prices start at $16,000 for the basic LX model.

Fuel Economy


All three models have great fuel economy. Some have up to 33 mpg in the city and 41 mpg on the highway. Take a quick look at the 2017 Honda Fit with its standard 6-Speed Manual Transmission and 4 cylinders. It has 130 hp @ 6600 rpm and delivers great mileage. The driver has full control over shifting. Remember? It is fun to drive.

The 2017 Honda Fit is a perfect example of a subcompact car that gives you more than just transportation. You will have great cargo space and a comfortable rear seat. Super high tech options are standard. Suspension is balanced. Great acceleration and smooth steering add to the driver's fun meter.

Safety and Space


You will be connected for safety, information and entertainment with the best operating systems available for the 1017 Honda Fit. Good visibility and excellent seating comfort add to the sense that it is more than a subcompact. It does cost a bit more than its less fun rivals. Rear seats are so flexible you could call them Magic. Fold seatbacks down for more floor space and a flat floor space. Or flip up the seat bottom to carry tall items, even a Great Dane.

Why is the 2017 Honda Fit so much fun? It is not because of tons of horsepower or racetrack handling. 

It is how the whole little subcompact works together. The Fit has predictable handling and good suspension. Yet it also has sharpness to surprise you. The engine is very responsive and meshes well with steering that feels good. The Fit gives you want you need and more than you expected.

While all three models -- LX, EX and EX-L -- offer the same engine and transmission packages. They all handle as well as well as last year's Sport model.The Fit is a breeze to park.

Special steering features


Special steering features will have you believing it steers by magic also. Super Hightech Motion-Adaptive Electric makes this possible. It analyzes speed, angle and vehicle stability to determine if the Honda Fit is sliding away from its proper path. Then the steering system prompts the driver to take appropriate corrective action.

Don't just take this review at face value. Go to your nearest Baierl dealership to take your 2017 Honda Fit for a test drive. You won't want to give it back!

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